T.I. Vs Dipset – Blends Tipset

01.- Intro
02.- Get it Get It [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
03.- Talkin To You [DJ Set It Off Blend]
04.- Front Back Feat. Bun B [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
05.- Ride With Me [DJ Set It Off Blend]
06.- Wish You Would Salute [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
07.- Rubberband Muzik Feat. Noah Jones [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
08.- Be Easy [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
09.- Undertaker [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
10.- You Oughta Know Im On 24s [DJ Set It Off Blend]
11.- Top Back [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
12.- 4 Kings [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
13.- Oh Dope Boy [DJ Set It Off Blend]
14.- Big Things Poppin [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
15.- Goonies Feat. Biggie [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
16.- U Dont Know [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
17.- Swing Your Rag [DJ Set It Off Blend]
18.- No Problems [DJ Set It Off Blend]
19.- Freeze Me [DJ Set It Off Blend]
20.- Bet I Bust [DJ Set It Off Blend]
21.- Never Scared [DJ Set It Off Blend]
22.- Stop It Or I’ll Hurt u 5 [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
23.- You Know What The Anthem Is [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
24.- Why u Wanna [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
25.- Whats Yo Name [DJ Set It Off Blend]
26.- King Back [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
27.- Im a King Feat. Noah Jones [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
28.- Cant Help It [DJ Set It Off Blend]
29.- 3 Kings [DJ Set It Off Blend]
30.- Bring Em Out [DJ Simon Sez Blend]
31.- Hello Freaky Morning [DJ Set It Off Blend]

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